8 months. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve run this fabric through my fingers and played with its edges. 8 months equals lightyear’s of time in the world of baby development. When I began to dabble with my first DIY wrap Calla needed me every half hour to every 45 minutes either for nursing, attention, or for some unknown reason. She definitely still needs me often still, but surely not as much. What an independent little small creature she is. All sorts of verbal and moving expressions. Barely crawling these days and still exploring every aspect of this brave new world in her mouth, I have to be extra careful about what I let touch the floor. Pins, stray threads. Even my foot pedal is fair game for little 10 1/2 month old curious hands.

Yesterday I finally received the motivation I needed to restart this project as I’m getting ready to temporarily loan my newish wrap (eye candy below) to my babywearing group to start our baby carrier lending library. So I need something to use in the interim. I have another DIY wrap project I intend to do after this one is finished as well.

My new Girasol woven wrap, Ardent, Purple Weft, size 5:


I bought it from Sweet Baby Wraps, an online vendor based out of Washington. We had a few bumps and bruises along the way as I tried to order a Natibaby Swallows Platino wrap, but ended up getting a slightly different wrap, had to send it back, but then Carrie, the owner, gave me a choice of a different wrap for the same price. I would do business with her again anytime. She let me pick the Gira and even had it chopped for me from a size 7 to a size 5, leaving me the remnant scrap material to make Calla a matching doll carrier!

That will be a project for further down the road once I have a little more experience and can sew more than just straight lines. But yesterday I managed to swing hemming all the raw edges of my fabric. I have to admit – maybe even gloat a little? – I am so proud of how my tapers came out. I  accomplished this while taking care of Calla all day. This speaks volumes of just how much she can now play on her own, as I put in a solid 3 hours of sewing yesterday (granted they weren’t consecutive). Today I plan on connecting the two pieces of my wrap together with a french seam using this tutorial, even though I know a lot of babywearing mamas frown against this construction method. I figure how will I know it’s not safe unless I try it for myself. Worse case scenario if I don’t feel safe using it in the end, I can always stop using it and just make a true single piece of cloth (otherwise known as a SPOC) shorty wrap out of my other gorgeous table cloth I found in Colorado.

I am ecstatic about this new phase with Calla and how it will profit my creative life. Finding that balance can be so challenging but I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of it.

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