Our move across country is not only geographical, but is also a literal metaphor of life upheaval for both of us. I am embarking on my last semester for my Master’s Degree in Agricultural Extension Education through Colorado State University; completing an internship for my last requirement, then graduation in May. David has officially left the Ag world and is voraciously diving head first into his passions and started his own contracting business and is almost done with Real Estate school so he can get into property management, fixing properties up, and real estate. We made enough money on the sale of our house in Longmont that it just worked out for us to be able to pursue what we’re both passionate about at the same time, all the while staying home and playing with and learning all about this new little lady in our family.

If I had heard someone else describing this lifestyle I would just be plain downright jealous. Not working full-time, getting to hike almost whenever we want, and spending copious amounts of time with my husband and daughter? I never thought that would be hard. But it is. Very hard. I also don’t take one second of it for granted (maybe just a few here and there?) because I am grateful that life has opened up opportunities for me/us I thought we’d never have, and just seemingly because we opened ourselves up to the universe. However, too much time together can also be very exhausting and taxing on a relationship. With a lot of different little things going on, like my internship and David’s classes and studying, added on top of taking care of Calla and only having 1 car between the two of us, we’ve had some pretty trying moments here of late. Nothing we can’t work through, and everything that only makes us stronger.

One thing that has been challenging is the small space of a house that we’ve chosen to rent out for a year while we get to know Asheville. In our old house, if I needed space, or wanted to sleep without earplugs, I could just go upstairs and get a little peace. But here we are cramped up into 600 sq. ft. and while it has its many advantages, like minimal cleaning, and no stairs to worry about with Calla, I just can’t get “space.” Now with having a baby to care for all the time “space” is even more vital to my well-being. It certainly has put my spatial awareness at a new level of understanding.

All of this transitional experience just brings us (hopefully) one step closer to being in a static place finally. That place, wherever it may be, will have been 6 or 7 years in the making and worth every bit of it. I can’t wait to live closer to where we play. David and I want nothing more than to share and pass on the extraordinary childhood we both had of growing up with woods behind our houses and endless exploration of nature. It’s been so healing for me to be back on this side of the States. I am reveling in each drop of rain, puddle, stream and thunderstorm. I am so giddy about Spring arriving, and notice each flower coming up and every speck of green, every tree bud. Colorado certainly was beautiful in its own charm, but I have longed for the protectiveness of the Eastern woods. We’ve had many adventures so far, I can’t wait to share them all here.

This chapter has only just opened up, and I’m already turning the pages fast to get to the next one.

Posted by:deconstructedmama

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