To say it’s been a crazy 4 months would be a serious understatement. When I began this blog, a cross-country move was not even an inkling of an idea on our horizon. I would not have thought I would be writing about this kind of adventure again (meaning we had driven across country sans baby only 2 years before). Sure, I maybe thought we might move back east again one day to be closer to family, but we didn’t think we would be doing it with a 6 month old baby.

Mommy brain is real y’all. I may not have had my head screwed on as tight as it could go before pregnancy, but it is just ten times worse now that Calla is here. My journey back east can be furnished for perfect evidence. In order to coordinate moving back east with the selling of our house in Longmont, we needed to be able to stay somewhere for a couple of days before heading out. We would be leaving before Thanksgiving and the window of affordable flight ticket prices was slight. Our timeline looked a little like this:

  • Pack the house in a week. No joke. Our closing date was moved up last minute (which was what we wanted), and David needed to quit his job early in order to help me pack. Initially  he thought he’d be able to work out his 2 week notice while I packed at home. With a 6 month old baby. I was sure to let him know how impossible I thought this would be and coaxed him into quitting on the spot.
  • We sold all our furniture, save a few pieces for the baby and 2 sentimental pieces, and loaded up the rest of our surprisingly quantitative shit into a 16′ Budget truck.
  • Closing, on a Friday, followed by staying with Brother in Law Friday night.
  • David left Saturday with the dog and the truck to have his cathartic trip across country and some much needed alone time.
  • Calla and I stayed with BIL another night. I got to have brunch with my sweet friend Jen.
  • Packed up on Sunday and picked up by my mom friend Jessica. Stayed at her house for the evening, ready to fly out Monday morning.
  • Got up way too early for neither of our or our babies own good to catch my flight. And mommy brain kicks in:
    • I left my daughter’s favorite wooden rattle in Jen’s car.
    • I left my keys at my Brother in Laws.
    • And the kicker, I left my wallet with all my identification at Jessica’s house.

You know, it’s a little horrifying how little it takes to make it through security with no ID. Jessica lives about an hour from the Denver airport so driving back to her house was not an option. I made it through security but missed my flight. I was able to get on one later in the day and made it there only by the grace of God and an amazing friend.

Flying with a 6 month old across country by myself? It couldn’t have been easier. I threw Calla in the Ergo on my front and wore my carry-on on my back. Security didn’t make me take her off which I was concerned about, they just swabbed and tested my hands. I started nursing Calla about 5 minutes before takeoff on both legs and she fell right asleep and stayed asleep. I don’t think it will ever be as easy as this trip was. Time to settle back in to the east coast and enjoy the presence of family.

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