I have been cooped up in the house all week. Last night I got out for a brief trip by myself for some much needed me time to the local used bookstore where we recently turned in a whole lot of books we are just not going to ever read anymore and earned ourselves almost $100 of in-store credit. I bought a sewing encyclopedia, and an Ortho book about Bulbs; $15. I love books. But sometimes books aren’t enough right now, especially since all of the reading I’m supposed to be doing, or really just have time for, is academic reading. Intense academic reading, like about research variables, business planning, and how to evaluate a business’ sustainability. I can’t wait until my master’s is over with next Spring and I can finally read for pleasure again! But really I just can’t justify spending money on books right now that I know I have no time to read. The next best option? Well the local Oktoberfest, naturally.

Here in Longmont, power house brewery Lefthand Brewing Co. puts on Oktoberfest every year in Roosevelt Park which is literally a 15 minute walk from our house. We have felt very lucky to live close to such a vibrant park, however 1 year later of living here in Longmont, close to all these different opportunities and we still feel like we really haven’t taken full advantage of what Longmont has to offer. We decided to change that tonight. This year’s Oktoberfest is different though. In the wake of the Colorado flood, which amazingly we were blessed to have escaped with no damage, the proceeds were altered to instead benefit the flood victims. It’s amazing what all of the organizations here have come up with to try and help build people’s lives back together again. Disaster is tough, but maybe sometimes it’s God’s way of showing us that humanity really does still exist and that stuff is just stuff. People and relationships are what actually matter.

We packed up the stroller: the typicals – diapers, changing mat, wipes, bottle, change of clothes and the extras – pajamas and other warm things, toys, a blanket for sitting, and of course, my Infantino Mei Tai Carrier. Cash in pocket and baby on board we ventured out into the bustling Saturday night streets of Longmont to the festival. Calla’s very first festival. Gotta start ’em young. We met up with some friends, David had some good beer (i.e. Lefthand Sawtooth Ale), and I smelled some good beer, as I always do. Listened to a decent band, even heard some much-missed bluegrass. Calla and I danced and people watched and we skipped the obligatory German fare for some Americanized Pizza and Hot Dogs. The sunset was entrancing, a slightly less than full moon on the rise, and good company definitely made up for a weekend after a long week inside with little adult interaction. Luckily, Calla fell asleep in the Mei Tai to loud, and I mean loud festival music, about 3/4 of the way through our time there.

Colorado always surprises me with how they manage to make every event that should be adult oriented into a kid friendly event. Breweries with no food turn into children’s playgrounds, and festivals are an excuse to get the kids out for some Saturday night fun, but really just distractions while the adults have some much needed playtime (i.e. drinking and dancing). It was truly lovely watching all the families not slowing down out there. Lots of babywearing mamas. And most importantly, young families out and about just doing what they more than likely did before all the littler people came into their lives: playing hard.

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