We’ve had this stroller since before Calla was born. Her first initiation ride was when she was 3 weeks old. I worried that she was too young for the stroller. The straps kept her in but were still awkward considering this tiny 8 lb baby. Then there was the babywearing side of me that felt guilty for putting her in the stroller, denying her of a 1/2 hour of tummy to tummy bonding time. Realistically, the Moby wasn’t good for walking. Well the exercising type walking. She bounced too much as the fabric is pretty stretchy and so began our stroller routine in the evening. I have talked myself down, although it’s taken awhile, from feeling bad about not wearing Calla when we walk, but if it’s cooler out or she needs a good nap or is just plain cranky, I break out the Mei Tai. One of the many reasons I can’t wait for Fall is because babywearing will be more fun when there isn’t a layer of sweat between us.

David and I walk every night now with Calla. If I can’t go then David takes Calla in the stroller and walks Mick with his free hand. Then there are nights like this past week with all the flooding and rain we had here in Colorado. Calla and I were out for the count for three nights of walking (also Calla had her very first cold, and a cold + rain + cold outside does not make for the optimal walk with an infant). This picture was taken the 1st day of four without straight rain. We quickly geared up for the walk to take advantage of the sunshine while we could. She obviously was pretty excited to be getting out again. Hopefully we can get back to our routine now.

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