Check out this new post from Kresha Faber at her blog Modern Alternative Mama. I’ve been following her blog for quite awhile now and she always has amazing content. These are 10 fantastic activities for fall that I can’t wait to do with Calla, if not this year, then in future years for sure.

Fall is my absolute favorite season. Yet I live in a place (Colorado) where the colors just don’t do it for me. Sure, the Aspen’s light up the mountains with smatterings of golden yellows and oranges, but I’m spoiled. I’m just going to be real here: fall foliage here is a tease – one of the things that depress me about living here. Many of my friends back east envy David and I for living here in the Wild West, but honestly, a lot of what I’ve done since being out here is miss the East coast: my shaded, earthy, rich, green forests; cloudy days (I joke a lot that I get reverse SAD because there are so many sunny days in CO); abundant streams and waterfalls; and most of all, best of all, the fall colors. I grew up in Maine, and then lived in Virginia for 10 years, and the fall foliage in both locations can’t be beat. I long for long fall hikes with the crunchy paled leaves crackling under my feet, the sun lighting up all the colors even more from underneath the canopy, the potpurri of dry oak, poplar, and maple leaves trampled to bits to begin their composting, fertilizing cycle on the forest floor.

But it’s not all Debbie Downer times out here, there are positives that certainly carve their own. Bugling Elks, Moose sightings, more hiking days because of all the sunshiney weather, and seasonal fall beers – I mean tons of fall beers. And I inhale the smell of every single one David has (since my non-drinking self lives vicariously through him). This year, even though Calla will only be just under 5 months old for her first Halloween, we can’t wait to finally follow through with the whole pumpkin-picking and carving that we say we’ll do every year but don’t. I’m ecstatic to have Calla in our lives to hold our adulterating accountability up to our kid-like ways. In fact we’ve already kicked it off this year with some early apple-picking and pie-making:

It’s signs like this article, watching the orange dots start to get bigger in the pumpkin farms across Longmont, the return of Starbucks’ pumpkin latte, and advertisements about local Oktoberfest’s that let us know Fall is just around the bend and carries me through the last dog days of Summer: I’m ready.

Happy Fall-is-on-it’s-way everyone!

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