So here we go. I’m finally embarking on the adventure of making my very first wrap. I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. I’m not used to feeling so anxious about crafting. It’s an art form that’s always come naturally to me: jewelry-making, painting, drawing, knitting, crocheting, and lots of others. But sewing just seems so special for some reason. Like it’s some magical rite of passage that if I wasn’t taught how to do it growing up, that it’s just not something I can learn as an adult. Which I know is wrong. But it feels unattainable all the same. It’s a step in the direction of the more complicated crafts. But embark I will.

The last couple of visits to the thrift store have been filled with scouring the table cloth, shower curtain and scrap fabric sections. Here in Colorado we have a chain thrift store called Arc Thrift that is, hands-down, the best thrift store I have ever been in. They’re fabric section is huge. Yards and yards of gorgeous leftover discarded fabrics hanging neatly in rows upon rows on racks upon racks. Better yet, most of them are usually 50%. So we’re talking 3 to 10 yards of fabric for dollars each. I now have about 4 piles of table cloth fabric that I’m looking to convert into DIY wraps, and this is my first. The original piece of fabric was 106″ long. A shorty woven wrap (aka, size 2) is about 102.4″ long, so after much research about not sewing two pieces of fabric together for a longer wrap due to safety concerns, I decided to suck it up against my worse judgement and just make a shorty wrap. It’s enough fabric for the kind of wrap (a back ruck carry) that I want to do anyways (If you’re curious, here is a spreadsheet of what carries you can do with what size wraps: Wrap Carry Size Specs).

So thus far I have ripped my fabric down to it’s correct width (I am doing 26″ wide, but ripped it down to 28″ wide to accommodate for seam allowance), and measured and cut the tapers. I have also started pressing the seams of one of the long edges. More to come this week!


Posted by:deconstructedmama

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