Sourdough Trail, 2 miles in, 2 miles back. My second official hike with Calla and David. I wish we had more time to hike like this. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the dailies of life and forget to take care of myself. Taking care of myself doesn’t mean makeup, or dressing up, or treating myself to me time (although I recognize me time is important), but more often than not, for this adventure-craving mama, it means getting out in the woods: fresh air, stormy weather, earthy smells, bugs, birds, and everything else. This hike was so perfect. Perfect grade, not too steep that I was huffing it, but just steep enough to make me break a sweat and work harder than all this just plain walking I’ve been doing lately. Wearing almost 13 lbs. on your front while hiking is quite an added adjustment. I’m used to back weight while hiking from backpacking so often, but this is different. It changes your center of gravity, and most of all, alters your awareness of every step you take in order to protect precious cargo. David had left our hiking poles in the garage by accident, so he fashioned me one from an Aspen tree, and then I found another dead stick to use to help support me. I definitely recommend this, especially while your babies are young. And even more importantly, if you are clumsy like me and trip over every rock and root, they are vital to protecting your squish. Think you don’t look hardcore enough if you’re using hiking poles, well, like I said before, it’s not about you.

Hiking with the Ergo was so much easier than hiking in a wrap (at least a stretchy wrap). Tons more support, which allowed me to get into my natural rhythm of hiking, instead of worrying about whether she was bouncing around too much. This was the first hike where Calla has actually woken up and stayed awake for a period of time. She was so observant and awed by her surroundings. It was quite inspiring to watch. Some part of me has been taking for granted the fact that she’ll always sleep through hikes as that’s all she’s done up until this point. This made me so thrilled for future adventures and just showing her everything that nature has to offer. This but also learning from her simple and untainted child perspective. Getting back to my roots.

I think, and more than anything hope, that the next time we go hiking, this recent growth spurt she’s going through will push her over into the back carry bracket. That’s what I’m most looking forward to with woven wraps as you can adjust the type of carry to fit your little one. You don’t have to wait for your child to grow into the carrier. Therefore I definitely recommend the Ergo for a good beginning hiking SSC pack until they can seriously hold their head up without being wobbly and you can transition to an actual hiking pack. We’ve received a hand-me down from our realtor, so that should be interesting to try out eventually. I’m sure it will come sooner than we think.

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