We are just adventurous folks, my partner and I. Adventurous alone before we met each other, and nothing changed after we met, except perhaps double the adventures. Hiking, backpacking, morel hunting, treasure seeking, or really just anything outside is where we feel most ourselves. Keep us out of nature too long and we get downright crabby.

When we found out we were expecting (aka, our adventures of “casually trying” to conceive went much faster than expected, i.e. on the very first try), we imminently had the conversation about how our adventuring lifestyle would change. “We will not slow down our lifestyle just because we have a child,” became our proposed manifesto. In order to be the best parents you can be, you have to nourish your soul to stay a whole person, right?

Well, a year later, Calla is here. We are officially now parents and still of the mindset of never slowing down. Well, as I’m sure any parent will tell you: sure, we’ve slowed down. But luckily not all the way. This blog is to help us stay accountable to our adventuring mission. To ensure our daughter grows up among the trees and mountains and insects and wildlife and in the fresh air that breathes life into us.

Posted by:deconstructedmama

2 replies on “Pre-baby Adventures

  1. I decided about a month ago that Patrick and I need to plan a big, adventuresome vacation for sometime next year, while Babybird is still wee. I want us to set that precedent for ourselves and for the little one. I’m so glad this is your mission! It’ll be good to see a story like this unfold for someone else and serve up inspiration.

    1. You definitely do Lindsay! And I think planning it ahead of time would probably be even better motivation. I think traveling with a baby is possible at most ages, you just have to plan really well! I can’t wait til babybird is born and to see some of your own adventures 🙂

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